Terms and Conditions

Contact information

The Contact Details of our Company is available on https://simplealgo.in

Effective date for policy

The date of policy will be considered from 26th April 2023

Limitation of liability and disclaimer of warranties

The algo / python codes provided are purely for learning purposes only.

Always be very careful when dealing with codes in which you can place orders in your account.

The actual results may or may not be similar to backtested results. The historical results do not guarantee any profits or losses in the future.

You are responsible for any losses/profits that occur in your account in case you plan to take trades in your account.

SimpleAlgo.in and/ or team of SimpleAlgo in does not take any responsibility of you running these codes on your account and the corresponding profits and losses that might occur.

Please read the top of all the codes where the rules and our liabilities are mentioned before running it yourself.

Live Running of code once decided by user is purely his / her decision and we play no role in that and are not liable to any losses that may occur in there trading account.

SimpleAlgo.in is not a SEBI registered firm and does not provide any trading signals. all views and strategy mentioned are purely for educational purposes.

Please consult your investment advisor before taking or using algo live in your account.

Rules of conduct

User need to follow the steps for installation on there own.

Help may be provided to users based on conditions.

User restrictions

User should not share the files freely and should use for himself / herself only.

User should not resale using our company name or SImpleAlgo.in name